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Extended Family Address Book

The Address Book is designed to give you a place to keep track of your extended family's contact information. Again security is a priority, if you choose to enable this feature it is only available to people who you issue logons to. When they logon to your site they can edit their own contact information. The information is available for Avery mailing labels from the Manage Users, and the email addresses are used to send event reminders if you choose this option on the even calendar.  
Thank you, to the Taylor family, for requesting the Address Book feature. If you would like to request a new feature please email your suggestion to: support@familieswebsite.us

Family Address Book


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The whole family will have fun on the family website.

Paula, age 10, uploads photos 
and keeps her cousins informed on
what's happening with her and her
horse, from her own web page.
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