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The Safe Way to Share Family Memories

Share photos, videos, blog and preserve your family's history in your own website. Create logins for as many relatives and friends as you like. Your family website is secure, you determine who can login to your website. Your easy to use website is pre-populated with example pages, you can edit existing pages or create as many pages as you like. The photo gallery and slide show can be added to any page.

Many of our competitors diminish the experience by filling your site with advertising. FamiliesWebsite.us sites are 100% free of advertising. Click here to sign up for our free trial.

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Collaborate on your Genealogy online. The website's genealogy section includes detailed profiles, photo galleries, document attachments, biography, siblings and marriage sections. The marriage section also has a photo gallery for each marriage. Online collaboration means your relatives can contribute to the family tree.

Address Book

Ever have trouble keeping track of your family's contact information. The website's Address Book addresses the issue. If family members move they can simply logins to the website and update their address. Remember, security is #1, the information in the Address Book is only available to people you create website logins for.


Use the website calendar to keep track of birthday's, anniversaries and special events. Optionally choose to have the calendar email reminders prior to the event. This is a great way to ensure you will never forget a birthday, anniversary or special event. Planning a reunion? The calendar email reminders are a great way to ensure the people show up for your planning meetings.

Blog & Guestbook

Share ideas and thoughts through the website's blog. Again Security is #1, only friends and relatives who you create a website login for can participate in the website Blog. The blog feature keeps track of the most recent posts and is searchable. The site also includes a Guestbook where relatives and friends can leave messages and feedback.

Photo Gallery 

Your website includes an photo gallery which automatically displays thumbnails of pictures you upload. Click thumbnail to enlarge the photos, and see the story behind the picture. Any page can also be a slide-show.

Photo Gallery

How To

Throughout your Family Website instructional videos are available to help you get a task done. Just click the instructor icon a video walks you through the task or tool.
Built-in Help Video  

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